Our Mission

Bellingham Millwork Supply Co. provides superior products and customer service to both commercial and residential customers. Whether you’re trying your hand at your first home improvement project or working a full-scale construction job, we’re happy to provide you with the service and supplies that will give you superior results within the budget you have.


How it all started

Dick and Peggy Campbell started Bellingham Millwork in 1993, after more than 20 years in the construction industry. The company grew from their small location with a few employees to a thriving operation that encompasses four buildings and 22 employees. We invite you to come in, meet our team, and experience our products & service.


Customer service is our priority

Despite its growth, Bellingham Millwork remains a company dedicated to personal relationships and thorough customer service. From our complimentary chest of frozen treats to the accessibility of the staff, we know that our desire to form loyal partnerships and customers sets us apart as a firm. None of our sales associates are on commission, and we have no titles to set staff apart.

When you walk in the door of Bellingham Millwork, we’re ready to help you build.

Full Service

our expert staff offers complete consultation

Quality Products

for casual and professional projects

Local Supplier

with a large inventory of products